What are the benefits of this really?

  1. Happier Customers who will now have more convenience.
  2. Lower Cost – cheaper than hiring a Dev
  3. Increased revenues from higher velocity of application flow.
  4. Better Technology – cutting edge always. No risk of obsolescence.
  5. More Control – you manage your own content so you can speak to your customers with your own voice.
  6. No ‘change’ costs – as we update our APIs your connection is automatically updated. No need to call the Developer.

Will I still be able to review my loan applications?

Absolutely. When customers start their loan applications online you can start processing them faster using the same workflow process controls you would have used if they had been created manually. If you wish to create a custom workflow for your online loans we allow you to do that as well.

Do Clients & Loans Created by the API have limited functionality?

No. Clients and Loan Applications created by a ‘machine’ operate in exactly the same way as those created by humans.

Is it cheaper to hire a Developer?

On average it costs about US$1,500 to get a competent Developer to build and integrate a website into LoanCirrus. It will vary by market and skill. At the lowest end you pay US$10 per month. It would take 12.5 years to reach the same level of spend with LoanCirrus.

How long does it take to get REACH Basic?

You can be up and running with REACH Basic within 7 days from start. Typically much less.